How a poor person can get free legal advice

Legal services have become very expensive along with inflation today. Most of the people have to deal with court procedures many times in his life. Criminal cases are filed on many people and lot of people appear before the court with their civil cases. India’s legal process is very complex. In such a way no common person can understand the process and they require help of a lawyer to understand legal nuances. Legal services are one of the expensive services. Now the question comes how will poor people get legal aid if it’s so expensive?

A poor person doesn’t have enough resources to hire an expensive lawyer. Then how he will be able to pursue his proceedings in court and defend himself against a criminal case. Government of India and Supreme Court of India have created a department called Legal Services Authority to tackle this problem. It was established in 1997 and free legal aid for poor people was announced. Through this authority, free legal services are provided to the poor people of India who are unable to put their case before the court. Those who do not have enough money and do not have any means of income that they can put their case before the court. Just like if a person is made accused by police in a case, If he doesn’t have enough money to hire a lawyer then he can’t be left without a lawyer. Rather he gets free lawyers from the government to defend him. Such a lawyer is given through legal services authority.

Lawyers are appointed in the Legal Services Authority. These lawyers are paid by the government for their services. These lawyers keep cases of such poor people in the courts. These lawyers can be appointed in both civil and criminal cases. There is a process get support from Legal Services Authority. Some eligibility has been stated that only those who come under the scope of which get the services of the Legal Services Authority. There are two categories of people who are eligible to get service from this authority.

Scheduled caste, scheduled tribe, female, children, people above 60 years of age, mentally or any physically handicapped person are included in the first category. Free legal aid is provided if these people furnish their affidavit that say they are under this category and should get free legal aid.

Second category includes poor people of society who live below poverty line. Such people have below poverty line ration card and pay no income tax. These people have no source of income and have no job or business. They depend on daily wages. Such people are eligible to get free legal aid under this category.

The government has formed a legal service authority in the district court of every district. Legal Services Authority operates national level to district level. A person who is seeking free legal aid should go to the district court and look for the office of legal services authority there. This office gets them a form which they need to fill out with correct information and also an affidavit. This is how they can get free legal aid. If they are handicapped they should apply their disability certificate. If they are poor they should furnish their poverty certificate. If they have a below poverty line ration card then they are categorized as poor and eligible for a free lawyer given through legal services authority. This is how a poor person can get free legal aid in both his civil and criminal cases. But be aware that this legal aid is only received by poor people. No such legal aid is received in a case related to contempt of court, defamation and finance.