Civil Law

Civil Law

Civil law is an area of ​​law that refers to non-criminal proceedings. A civil litigation is the process by which a civil litigation is settled in an Indian court and aims to resolve the issues related to the civil litigation such as Civil Suits, Recovery of Debts, Injunction Suits on Property, Partition Suits, Breach of Agreement, Financial Frauds, Probate of Will, Housing and Family Issues among others.

Our civil lawyers will accompany you at every stage of a civil lawsuit. We remove all of the stress from your shoulders when it comes to writing the documents you must present to the court. Each case is thoroughly investigated by our lawyer, who then determines the best line of action to follow in order to get a favourable result. Before the matter is brought before the court for a trial, we carefully review each piece of evidence and interview each witness. Additionally, we vigorously defend your rights in court when the case goes to trial.

We possess the expertise for filing and defending civil suits related to following matters:

  • Civil Injunctions including Permanent, Mandatory and Temporary Injunctions
  • Property Litigation Matters
  • Suit for Partition of movable / immovable properties
  • Suit for Ancestral Property / Joint Hindu Property / Parental Property
  • Suit for Declaration before civil courts
  • Recovery of Money, Debts and Dues
  • Recovery of Movable & Immovable Property
  • Suit for succession certificate under Hindu succession and Indian Succession Act
  • Petition for custody of children, wards and appointments of guardians
  • Registration, Drafting and Probation of Wills
  • Land Acquisition Litigation
  • Civil defamation suits
  • Breach of contract matters

Our team of talented lawyers has in-depth knowledge and understanding of legal proceedings and how to seek remedies in such civil proceedings. We know how important it is to negotiate in a client’s civil case, so we have a team of experienced lawyers dealing with such cases.